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  The Challenges, Cheats, Custom Scenarios, FeedBack, Multiplayer Medals, The News, Sims, Tagging, and The Big List!
 The 30 (count em) challenges.
Well I believe it was rare that said you don't need to touch the one player to unlock the great things in the multi player. So in other words you could buy the game just for the C.S. and one day figure out that yeah there is an actualy game too!! Welll i'm not talking about that, what I am talking about is the challenges. Your start with 4 challenges. As you beat 1, another 1 will open up (thats pretty obvious right?). Well what you may not now is that everything unlockable isn't set to a certain challenge. In fact, its how many you beat. Not which ones you have beaten. I've created a list that show those essentails. To get the ball rolling here are some tips.
Diss Master's tips. And well mine are below.
Got tips of your own? Head to the feedback and send them to me!
 Tip #1: A good character.
While you may have designed your character to look good (like i did) this isn't exactly the greatest idea in the world. Take my guy for example, a big alaskan guard that isn't realy that fast at all. He may look good but hell spray bullets from MeatSims are killing this guy. So it was back to the drawing board... So after a couple seconds of brain storming and a little web surfing I created the ultimate character! A Maian Soldier with a human head. Most people on-line are pretty lienant towards which Maian you choose i however am not. After extensive testing in the lab I have proven that Maian soldiers are faster then Elvis or a regular Maian. So there you have it. A realy quick cheap soldier to make quick work of not only your friends but those nasty sims as well.
 Tip #2: Knowledge
I spent far too bloody long learning where that Laptop and Tranquilizer was in Challenge 18. So if you haven't figured this one out then heres how you do it. When it says start challenge or abort challenge. Abort, goto the sims, wipe the list clean and press start. Now there you are in the level without anyone else. Easy hey? Ok what else is their for this... Not much, how about this. Good **cking luck against the Darks. I dont think any amount of knowledge could prepare you for them. Just hardcore experience. And another thing. Learn the levels! Learn the speeds of your gun! Learn that theres a realy annoying bug in the game where if you start re loading a weapon you cant change it 'till its done reloading. And while I'm rambling learn to find the shields!! Learn to know which # spawns where! ...
 Diss Master Flex's 11 secrets to success.
  • Never leave a fight, your opponent is just as quick as you are... Or quicker.
  • Finding a corner to sit in isn't camping its strategy. Besides whos dumb enough to run by you?
  • Aim high. (Higher then that... Little higher yeah there you go.) I've lost to the best people, by 1 kill, because I didn't aim high. It's rare that your sight is already at head level. Remember, if they move toward/away, the whole thing changes, so before you save the rainforest from Dark Sims, aim high.
  • Reload whenever possible, I don't care if you have a 1000 round clip, it's going to run out eventualy... Make sure it doesn't in the middle of a fight.
  • You may have done away with the good (or even great) players of P.D. who are now bad at it, but, of course, that isn't anything close to a sim. They don't get worse.
  • One victory is luck... Five is skill.
  • Stay steady, if your in a fight, don't move around too much, it just ruins your aim. Not a sims.
  • Dont shoot your partner. If you do, go turn the option on for colored teams. If it doesn't work still, go get your crayons and look at it for a while. Soon you won't shoot your own team!
  • Camping is fun. Remember when you sit in the corner and shoot everything that goes by (Barely moves... Go by... yeah)? Well, Dark and Perfect Sims don't [camp]!!!! They don't get ambushed! Don't try and sneak up on a talented sim!!!
  • Sims cheat get use to it.
  • Let go of the trigger when ever needed. Don't spray those extra bullets! Even for a second, always let go!