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 What it takes to unlock everything.
So do you think you need to beat a challenge to get a specific weapon? In theory thats true since once you use the weapon in a challenge it becomes available to you. So what do you do to unlock everything? Play as many challenges as possible (Head to cheats for a real cheap but fast way to finish those challenges). And heres a run down of how many challenges you need to complete to unlock well, everything.
Eventauly I'll add a much more in depth strategy for the challenges and a much more in depth list. Till then here you go.
Farsight Xr-20 and the Grenade
Finish one, just one, challenge.
Finish 2 challenges.
Falcon 2 (With a silencer, ooo)
Finish... 3 challenges.
Finish 4 challenges.
Laptop Gun
Finish 5 challenges.
Remote Mine.
Finish 6 challenges.
Finish 7 challenges (noticing a trend anyone?).
Falcon 2 (with a scope)
Finish 8 challenges.
The ever so annoying reaper!
Finish 9 challenges.
Cloaking Device
Finish 10 challenges.
Finish... ... 11 challenges!!
Proxy Mine
Finish 12 challenges.
The Slayer (Mehahahaha!)
Finish 13 challenges.
The Phoenix
Finish 14 challenges... (God this is getting repetitive...)
Combat Boosts (Matrix Style!)
Finish 15 challenges. (You know the other day I saw a bear.)
Finish 16 challenges! (He was black.)
Callisto NTG
Finish 17 challenges. (At lease I think it was a male.)
Finish 18 challenges. (I wonder how you could tell something like that...)
RCP-120 (Rcp eat your heart out!)
Finish 19 challenges. (Actualy i'd rather not get into it.)
The Golden Guy, er, DY357-LX
Finish 20 challenges. (Much better then the golden gun, but lets see you get it past customs!)
The N-Bomb
Finish 21 Challenges. (Very annoying weapon indeed.)
The Laser, and the X-Ray Specs
All the challenges. (Ha Ha Ha, good luck finishing them all!)
Finish 1 Challenge.
Finish 6 challenges.
Felicity... (What a name)
Finish 12 Challenges.
Perfect Dark:
Finish 3 challenges.
Finish 5 challenges.
GS Building
Finish 9 challenges.
Finish 11 challenges. (Looks kinda like that one part of the Matrix)
Finish 14 challenges.
Finish 16 challenges. (Not realy much of a sewer but a nice level.)
Car Park
Finish 17 challenges. (Annoying, annoying, annoying level.)
Finish 18 challenges.
Finish 20 challenges.
Finish 22 challenges.