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 The Sims
Ah yes, the sims, the bots, the glue behind the Combat Simulator. Its obvious that these Artificials should have their own page, am I right? I thought I was. So heres all the sims for those of you wondering what each class did or whatever.

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 The Norms.
Well lets just say this is the most pathetic of the pathetic AI ever inputed in video game history. It can't shoot straight or well. Its accuracy is somewhere between -1 and dirt. They will get the occasional hit off with an automatic so watch for that... Either then that you can walk up to them, carefully aim, take a break, go have a drink, come back, and he'll more then likely have run out of ammo taken off and got lost somewhere in the level.
Oh look something harder! Here we have the accuracy of say a goat with a gun stuck in its horns, and the mentality of a flipped over turtle (and these guys are smarter then MeatSims). Well you can get headshots, leg shots, arm shots, ankle shots off with very little worry of getting hit back. Unless they have an automatic weapon of course. Oh yeah these guys are just annoying with the Rocket Launchers, they seem to fire off rockets every which way and they suprisingly hit often.
Ah yes here we go a sim that puts up a small challenge. They were meant to be 'As good as the averae human player' and I think there just that. Unless your idea of an average human player is some moron who thinks a controler is somehow used to clean his nose then your sadly mistaken. (Who the hell would think thats an average player anyways?!). So hes got good acuracy hes got good chances of picking you off with a head shot and they've got brains (not too mention balls).
HardSims ah yes I know them well. Theres a big leap between hard and norm though, dont think there going to be a tad harder. These guys are a great challenge since their accuracy is way up there in 80 percentile. Head shots, yeah there good at that... So what do you have here? A very smart Sim that will more then likely take you out in a good storming. Generaly hes not a dumbass and he will kill you if you underestimate him.
Well if you havent played against one by now then you probaly dont know just how fucking (children avert your eyes) hard these guys are!!! They can get a shield, and a double faster then you keel over. However, you can use this to your advantage!! Yes, if you stand strong at a shield location (just hope theres only one) with a hefty automatic then you should be able to mow the sucker down before he makes it to the shield. Watch out though, they do 'snipe' so if you fall into your own pool of blood for no reason other then your character seems to have had a heart attack then you'll know a perfect blind sighted you...
DarkSims are nothing more then creul practical jokes. *Ahem* Faster then a speeding bullet, they can jump over tall buildings in a single leap! Ok so I made the last part up but yeah, they are faster then a speeding bullet. Oh one other thing. They get doubles no matter what. Even if there are no doubles to be had. Say you were standing on the only cmp location in the level. You saw the dark get the CMP once (giving him only 1 CMP) but without killing any of his team mates or you for that matter he (guess what!) has doubles. He also can get a shield faster then the blink of an eye... Not much advice i can say here except they are slaves to being programable knowledge. Using proximity mines around a camp will sometimes kill one of them but more then likely not...

 The more then norm sims.
So peacefull and loving, they just run around grabbing the weapons and speading their joy. Sometimes they'll grab the ammo but usualy they'll just grab the weapon leaving you steadily pissed off. They usualy try not to attack, just disarm. Disarm, grab, disarm, grab. When you finaly kill one of these suckers its like a bonanza of weapons.
So besides starting off with a shield guest what... They have extra health!! Wahoo annoyance up the wazoo! Don't get too discouraged though, the shield goes to their head and they'll attempt to take you down with a pistol as your spraying a couple clips of the RCP.
Excellent with the rockets of course, but thats not the limit of their abilities. I was shocked to learn that they also kick ass with Gernade Launchers, Gernades, and Mines. The pyro maniac.
Whoooeee I love these guys. When set on the lower difficultys they just sit there attacking you missing virtualy everytime (This leaves time for better aiming). There not cowards though so they'll run after you rockets screaming, explosions happening, fists a thwapping, bullets spraying every witch way (the game getting noticeably lagged now) so uh look out for this happening because odds are you'll come out of the situation dead.
The Bruce Lee (or insert fav kung fu actor here) of Sims. Think just because there fistsims there going to suck? Boy are you sadly mistaken! After about two punches your screen becomes so blurred that they just fade into the swirl of colors. Your only hope when this happens is to have impecable eye sight. Or to pull ouyt the rcp and spray in circles till you run out of ammo!! (For a fun little match against your favorite martial arts star set a fist sim to dark in a small area like felicity or grid)
They hunt down the weakest character so they could be going after a new person every ten seconds. Their also well trained and they try to shield themselves up before they start the hunt.
Run run run away. They never seem to stop running. A new thing spooking them every second. They are hard to catch up to let alone kill. Your best bet here is to tag their teammate and wait for them to re join the coward or you can set a good mine trap.
They kill the guy on top. If your doing good then they go after you. If you blow yourself up, and turns out that your enemey is doing better then they'll go after them...
They randomly choose their victim on the hunt the guy down till he dead... Even after he dies. The nice thing however is that they seem to go after their own partners. Rare but i've seen it.
Faster then the blink of an eye. Try and take them down with the automatics... A pistol is just suicide.
Very defensive, extra health, and a shield. Its like the ultimate camper! They don't camp though... They should but they don't.
You kill them, they kill you. Simple.