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  The Challenges, Cheats, Custom Scenarios, FeedBack, Multiplayer Medals, The News, Sims, Tagging, and The Big List!
 Cheats, and wierd findings.
Well I will only be expressing the 'Multiplayer Cheats' on this page but I thought that was a little dull since their wasnt too many. So now I've added 'Wierd Findings' to it. You know just things out of the ordinary that you find poking around the multiplayer levels or whatever.
If you know of a wierd finding or even a cheat (oooo) that I don't know of then send them to me. I'd be more then happy to know about it, give you full recognition etc.

 The Cheapest Challenge Beat Ever
(Cheat Needs 2 people to work)
Can't beat that challenge against the bloody Darks? No problem! This cheat will fool the game into believing that you did. So go create a custom scenario. Done that? Ok, now goto load custom scenario, highlight your new custom scenario (or an old one) and just leave it at that, highlighted... Now as for Player 2 goto the challenge that your having the problem with, select it enter it etc. When it says waiting for player 1, player 1 press start. There you go, instead of being in challenge whatever, your now in your custom scenario (Meat Sim Slaughter!!) and when you win that scenario the poor game will think you actualy beat the challenge.
(Found in the Cheat Menu, I think it has something to do with Multiplayer)
Velvet Dark:
This is on when you turn on the game. From what I've noticed it can't be turned off (the cheat that wouldn't die!!!) yet it doesn't count as a cheat... Very strange.
On Perfect Agent, finish dataDyne: Investigation in under, 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
Finish Area 51 infiltration in under 5 minutes on Special Agent.
Hit & Run:
Make it through the Carrington Villa in under 2:30 on Special Agent.
Wiz through the Attack Ship: Covert in under 5 minutes 17 seconds on Special Agent.

And oh yeah dont forget about the ever so exciting Perfect Darkness mode. Unfortunately though, no there is no Nightvision Goggles or IR Scanners in Multiplayer (Why rare, why?) so this mode no matter how nice it sounds is just, well annoying. To Unlock Perfect Darkness just finish the Crash Site: Confrontation, any mode doesn't matter, just beat it.