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  The Challenges, Cheats, Custom Scenarios, FeedBack, Multiplayer Medals, The News, Sims, Tagging, and The Big List!
 News:  January 23, 2004
Years after the sites inception and i'm still getting 10 to 20 views a day. Do that many of you still play that old game?! I know I do. The only thing updated right now is feedback. If any of you want me to do something with this site, let me know. Also, the Custom Scenario could use some submissions. Oh and also also, I finished that thing with Dissmaster. Woah that was long ago. Actually, if anyone has anything, just let me know,
 News:  August, 31st
Well, the challenges are so near completed I thought I'd let everyone know that it isnt done yet. I'm tampering with a new a look and I think it looks good... Not much to say expect alot more soon.
 News:  August, something or other.
The page is growing and growing and growing. I'm in the proccess of creating a very large walkthrough with the help of DissMaster. I've got about half writen so expect that soon. Oh yeah, that msg board is still comming, and aside from the comprehensive challenge walkthrough, im also going to create a tips and trick page. I don't have many tricks put you the viewers may...
 News:  August, 20th
Two new pages! Sims, and Custom Scenarios. I ditched the Dex idea, it was only there for Custom Scenarios or to show off your character for other people to download. Thinking about it though it just wasn't a good idea. So now I have these two new pages. Soon to come, challenge walk throughs, and a msg board. Lots of work to be done... Hey has anyone noticed were back at Tripod?
 News:  August, 19th
Well not much new has happened around here. I think I've gained an editor by the name of Diss Master. A message board is to be added soon along with other things i find around the web.
 News:  August, 15th
Wow-e can you say revamping the website? A good couple hours was spent getting the colors to work properly in ie 4 and up. I dont know for a fact that they work but i can only hope that they do now. Oh yeah colors changed, pages updated etc. etc.
 News:  August, 13th
Each of the pages has been touched up and I've added the 'tagging' section.
 News:  August, 12th
A new domain! We don't need that bloody were doin' just fine at our new host.
 News:  August, 10th
I think we overstayed our welcome at Tripod. Apparently we violated their 'Terms Of Whatever'. Which of course is completely false...
 News:  August, 2nd
The page has a host. Tripod. Woohoo we're on the net! Oh yeah, and the big list was created.