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  The Challenges, Cheats, Custom Scenarios, FeedBack, Multiplayer Medals, The News, Sims, Tagging, and The Big List!
 How to... tag?
 Tagging is what I call throwing mines onto the enemey. They travel in packs so this is an excellent way to just blow apart their team.
When one of the dumber sims (never try to tag a hard, it just pisses them off) shows up throw a proximity mine, or a timed mine, or a remote mine on them. They'll scurry away like little cowards and rejoin the pack. They usualy just make it back to the rest of the team just in time for the timed mine to go off. Or you could always detonate the remote mine when they get far enough away from you... The true joy comes by sticking them with 3 or 4 proximty mines and setting them off on their own. Ah yes, fun...