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 The Medals, Accuracy, Head Shot, KillMaster, and Survivor
Wonder how you win those shiny little stars that you see at the end of the level? How about the 'Most Deadly' or 'Double Kill' award? Well they are fairly straight forward... But what would a Perfect Dark multiplayer page be without how to win them?

 The Medals!
The KillMaster is a tricky one. Your garunteed to win it almost every time you play one player against a dumb sim. However playing against a friend this award can be harder and harder to get... So do you need to get the most kills to get this award? Not realy. You need to come close (like 12 to 13) yes but you dont actualy need to have the most. To win the killmaster you must be just that, the master of slaughter or whatever word you prefer to use. If you sit in a little room picking off guys as they enter you could win the award if you get the most kills. However you wont win it if someone else is storming the sims like Rambo on speed. Straight forward right?
Wow is this one easy to get. The guy who dies the lease is the Survivor of the match. So if you die once and everyone else dies twice then your the Survivor. If you die once, and another guy dies once you wont get it. Accuracy
I've noticed that you can only win this award if your playing along with someone else. Well avoid the automatics and stick with the pistols if you want to win this one.
This one as well can only be won while your playing with others. So how do you think you win this award? Right, get more headshots then anyone else...

So there you have it a run down on how to win those awards. The other ones that you see 'Double Kill' 'Most Deadly' well those are all fairly straight forward right.