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 Custom Scenarios
One of the great things of PD's C.S. is just how customizable it can get. So if your feelin' a little creative, or you want to see just how creative some person from who knows where is then upload your setting now. Or maybe if you have a DexDrive you can upload that. Remember though, not everyone out there owns a DexDrive so a list would be better.
 That's my shotgun!
I found this one in the PD blowout egm did a couple months back. Its alot of fun to play so for those of you who don't but should buy egm (electronic gaming monthly) here you go!
The Game:
In the options set it to one hit kills. Now since their is only 1 weapon you should all be scrambling to get it, or you could be real brave and go up against your friend with your bare fists.
The weapons:
1. Disabled
2. Nothing
3. Shield
4. Nothing
5. Disabled
6. Shotgun
The Level:
 Oh My God you... didn't kill Kenny?!
Week after week poor Kenny keeps getting mindlessly slaughtered by who knows what. So I thought it was about time someone do something about it... Well uh, in a game...
The Game:
Set up a cowardsim on the meat difficulty, and a few norm sims for the opposition (about 4 or 5). Set the time to around 5 minutes, and the kills, and team score to unlimited. Now get you and your friends to try and save Kenny from the evil norms. It won't be easy with these explosive weapons and the fact that Kenny will run leaving you in the dust at the slightest sound of danger. A good tip would be to set the coward's mode to follow...
The weapons:
1. Farsight XR-20
2. Pheonix
3. Proximity Mines
4. Shield
5. Devastator
6. Slayer (Or rocket launcher)
The Level:
Felicity, or Skedar (some nice close combat arenas).
Don't forget to give 'Kenny' a hooded head.